How to Start a Compost Pile

There's no better way to dress up your front door than with a new lockset or increase security after moving into a new home. Watch this video and learn the ins and outs of installing a new lockset.
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PlanItDIY ( shows you how to change the look and style of a particular room in your home with just a fresh coat of paint? Watch this video to learn how to prime and paint a room just like the pros do it.

How to Install a Lockset

A compost pile is a great way to create your own fertilizer for free. It's also another way to recycle resources from your home instead of throwing them away.

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5 Ways for Distressing Chalk Paint

If you discover you have a leak in your toilet, don't wait to get it checked out. Watch this video to help diagnose why your toilet is leaking ... and how to fix it.
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Get five unique finishes in one versatile paint. Chalked Ultra Matte paint is simple to apply and requires minimal prep work, so you can create a vintage, antiqued, distressed, or shabby-chic look in a snap.

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Priming a Wall for Painting

How to Repair a Leaking Toilet